Nha Trang Fun Divers

We Are happy to announce the beginning of 2022 SCUBA diving and Freediving season. We expect to enjoy a good diving conditions up until the end of September. Looking forward to see  you here!

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What's up Scuba Nha Trang?
we listed the 3 most popular services, we also teach Advanced courses (up to 30 M deep), Deep Dive Specialty(up to 40 m deep), Nitrox(LVL2 up to 40 %02), and night and limited visibility, dive guide/divemaster courses and freediving.
All of the group trips start at about 7 AM, with free pickup from the City centre, the trip finished at 2-3 PM, with tea, coffee fruits and food on the boat and all needed fees included.

Scuba Diving Nha Trang, Menu and prices.

Try Scuba Diving Nha Trang, SCUBA for beginners

Try Scuba Diving 


2 long dives(40 minutes or more), little theory to learn. We are diving at Hon Mun in a pool like conditions. From 3 up to 12 MSW deep

Open Water Diver, SCUBA  certification course

Open Water Diver


3 days from zero to confident certified beginner. 1 day pool, 2 days 4 boat dives.
With this certification, You will be able to plan and execute your dives up to 18M(60FT) deep.

SCUBA skills update, refresher dive

Scuba Skills Update


If you're rusty and haven't been diving for more than 6 months, you should refresh your SCUBA skills, with 2 boat dives included.