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Enriched Air NITROX Specialty

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One day certification course. Can be combined with other dive courses.

NITROX Speciality in Vietnam, Nha Trang.

You will learn about partial pressure calculations and theoretical and practical safety measures for using Enriched Air safely.

After successful completion of this SCUBA class, you will be certified to use the NITROX with up to 40% of oxygen content for your SCUBA diving.

Why should you dive on NITROX?

Enriched Air will give you more bottom time and/or more safety. It might help you as well to shorten the surface intervals. And due to the higher oxygen content in the breathing gas, diving on NITROX will leave you less tired.

Additionally NITROX is most studied diving course right next to the Open Water Diver and prerequisite to Extended Range Courses (Technical Diving).

It is a One day program and easy theoretical exaination, dive computer training provided.

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