Private tour

  Private Scuba Diving and snorkeling Boat Trip in Nha Trang Bay 

Embark on a customizable scuba and snorkeling adventure! We’ll arrange a boat trip according to your schedule, departing no later than 12 PM and returning by 4:30 PM. Customize your diving trip with us. Explore rarely dived sites or tailor your experience to your interests. Our 15 years of expertise in diving and boating in Nha Trang ensures an unforgettable adventure!

  • Hon Noc (“Electric Noise”): A famous and rarely dived location with vibrant marine life.
  • Madonna Rock: Spend both dives exploring this captivating reef. Additionally, upgrade your meal with traditional Vietnamese hot pot and BBQ.
  •  We offer comfortable hotel pickups from as far as Cam Ranh Bay and Ninh Hoa.
  • For your private trip , the pricing will be based on our standard rates as listed on the website.
  • Additionally, there will be extra costs for the boat, crew, fees, and food. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance!
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