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Muck Diving in Vietnam

FundiversSEO 1 October 9, 2017
Nha Trang is a well known as a good destination for a dive courses and there is a plenty of dive centers around offering a certifications from the different dive agencies such as PADI and SSI. What the place less is known for is being the best spot for Muck Diving in Vietnam . Here in the ocean of Nha Trang Bay and at the dive sites around Hon Mun are some of the most desired targets of...

Open Water Diver Course in Vietnam

FundiversSEO 1 October 7, 2017
Open Water Diver Course in Vietnam. If you already have some basic experience in diving, or have already participated in our SSI Try Scuba Diving program, you might like to continue your education and get your first autonomous scuba diver license . It’s easy - just sign up to SSI Open Water Diver course(ISO 24801-2). The full class takes only 3 days, and will even exceed the minimum...

Try SCUBA Diving with Nha Trang Fun Divers

FundiversSEO 1 October 6, 2017
To Try SCUBA Diving is not only about being underwater but more about to experience the freedom of "hovering " in the mid water. We would like to offer the real diving for you! You will learn the buoyancy control and the proper skills to move freely in a 3-dimensional environment. With emphasizes always given to your comfort and safety during this dive course. SSI recognizes two...