Muck Diving in Vietnam

FundiversSEO 1 October 9, 2017

Nha Trang is a well known as a good destination for a dive courses and there is a plenty of dive centers around offering a certifications from the different dive agencies such as PADI and SSI. What the place less is known for is being the best spot for Muck Diving in Vietnam .

Here in the ocean of Nha Trang Bay and at the dive sites around Hon Mun are some of the most desired targets of underwater photography enthusiasts. You can see some different varieties of the pipefish family, a few types of the frogfish, seahorses and plenty of crustaceans and nudibranchs to satisfy the most demanding divers .

There is a myth of extensive equipment needed to take a good quality shot when in fact all you need is a good budget camera and a skill. Some of the photos presented here were taken with a low range Canon s 110 camera in its factory housing. Although if your abilities are backed by the proper underwater DSLR camera and lightening the photos you'll get maybe of the magazine rewards quality.

Nha Trang Fun Divers invite you to come and get your opportunities for the best shot. Just Bring your camera and we'll take care to bring you to the right spot!

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Open Water Diver Course in Vietnam

FundiversSEO 1 October 7, 2017

Open Water Diver Course in Vietnam. If you already have some basic experience in diving, or have already participated in our SSI Try Scuba Diving program, you might like to continue your education and get your first autonomous scuba diver license .

It’s easy - just sign up to SSI Open Water Diver course(ISO 24801-2). The full class takes only 3 days, and will even exceed the minimum amount of dives and bottom time required. Here at Nha Trang Fun Divers , we will give you 6 open water dives , each with up to 1 hour bottom time , which will instantly bring you to a new level of achievement and will make you a far more confident diver . In the digital age, learning the theory needed has become easier than ever .

Don't waste your valuable time: sign up for online course and get your digital materials and quizzes directly on your mobile device, even prior to your arrival . Your first 3 chapters are free of charge so there is no obligation. To maximize your comfort during the winter season, we have bought thick 5 mm full wetsuits and have hot drinks and lunch included on board each day.

The dive classes are small and as close to fully personal as a group service can be. For a small extra fee, private teaching is a feasible option as well. We still have full flexibility on the course timeline, so, if you’re short on time, we can do the afternoon pool session to save you a half day, or we can offer the SSI Scuba Diver course, which is a day shorter and can be upgraded to the full certification at any time in the future.

Our previous guests and students have reviewed us very positively, and we are always at top of the local attractions lists due to our uncompromising quality of service . Looking forward to dive with you ! Fun Divers Team.

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Try SCUBA Diving with Nha Trang Fun Divers

FundiversSEO 1 October 6, 2017
To Try SCUBA Diving is not only about being underwater but more about to experience the freedom of "hovering " in the mid water.

We would like to offer the real diving for you! You will learn the buoyancy control and the proper skills to move freely in a 3-dimensional environment. With emphasizes always given to your comfort and safety during this dive course.

SSI recognizes two standard entry level programs , which are known as Try Scuba , And Try Scuba diving (Iso 11121). So depending on your needs or will you can stick to the first program which was made with intent to provide a participant with necessary skill and knowledge to safely and enjoyably dive to the depth of up to 5m under direct supervision of the dive instructor or advance to the second stage which will allow you to dive to the maximum depth of 12 meters and will credit you with a dive toward the Open Water Diver certification. After all necessary briefings made on the boat we will teach you the most crucial skill of Scuba Diving, Buoyancy. What is the Buoyancy and why is it such an important part of Scuba Diving Put Simply, it is your ability to swim underwater effortlessly and gracefully.

While it sounds obvious and not worth a special attention in fact it is the most crucial element of diving which is sadly missed by many who try diving and even some certified divers as well.

Nha Trang Fun Divers first goal and the first dives purpose is to ensure that you can maintain neutral buoyancy and thus can swim underwater with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Our Instructors will explain to you the theory, the proper weighting methods and breathing techniques prior to the dive to allow you to learn the fastest way possible. Personal guidance under water as our groups are really small and the bottom time for each training dive is up to 1 hour. The second dive is dedicated to one of two things leisure or possible underwater photo or video sessions. Although if you choose to do the Try Scuba Diving experience with a maximum depth of 12 meters some more skills practice will be taught as well.
All of this with a single purpose: to give you the best diving experience possible!

Reference: 2016 SSI Standards
Andrey Zaidel SSI DCSI 56230

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