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Hot lunch on the boat

Online and Frontal bookings

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Why Fun Divers?
Professional Dive Team
International team of SSI and PADI certified dive pros to ensure you get the best fun and uncompromised safety.
Longest dive times in Vietnam
Diving is fun, so we just about to provide you with even more of it: all dives with us are up to 60 minutes long.
Multi-course lunch cooked onboard
Our hot lunch has even received a special positive feedback in the reviews.
Timely free hotel pick ups
Punctuality is part of the best experience. We making a continuous effort to pick you up from the hotel in pre-scheduled time.
Last reviews
Try Scuba Diving
Amazing experience, treated me like family!

From the moment I met Cal, he made me feel like we had been friends for years. The feeling wasn't just an impersonal dive factory money exchage for diving, it felt like a lively,friendly and caring professional was giving me an experience beyond expectation in and out of the ocean. You invited me into your home and showed us the local way in what has been your home for many years. Thank you so much for the memories and experiences you truely deserve all credit due and best for luck in the future. Can't wait to dive here again!! Cheers

Try Scuba Diving
One of my best diving experience

I first learned how to dive with this amazing guy whom goes by the name Cal. The dives were amazing but the trip wouldn't have been so awesome if it wasn't for Cal. He will without a doubt make the whole experience worth while. When you go for a dive with Cal he will give you the whole wonderful experience of diving but more. He is by far one of the best instructors I've met. If you want to have one of the best trips both diving and the whole atmosphere to be on top you should choose fun divers and preferably with Cal

Try Scuba Diving

I've research quite a number of dive center, nha trang fun divers gave me a very good impression . Fast replies , I mean real fast ! Done my fun dives with them while my wife took up discovery dive with trainer andrii. Very good dive master , precise and took great care of us ! It's a must to look for them, you will not regret . If there is a chance to return nha trang , I will look for them ! Great price too !

Try Scuba Diving
First time scuba diving

As it was my first time I had no idea what to expect, but our instructor, Lars, did a great job explaining all and looked after us the whole time. You get two dives, which is great because it gives your mind and body a chance to get used to, what I found to be, an almost overwhelming experience the first time. It's all about calm and controlled breathing. In the second dive I was able to relax and really take in all the corrals and fish around me. I was sorry to get out of the water, I would have stayed longer! Back on the boat, they prepare a great lunch for you, as you enjoy the ride back to the harbour. Don't leave Nha Trang without trying this! The only caveat I would add for newcomers to diving is not to underestimate the need to equalise! Ear damage is the most common injury. So, while you're under water, take your time, don't rush it and you'll have a blast.

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Authorized SSI Dive Center


Frequently asked questions

What is included in the diving center prices?

The daily trip prices are all inclusive. All of the boat activities include tea, coffee, mineral water, diving gear( or snorkeling where appropriate), dive instructor or dive guide services, fees hot lunch and hotel transfer from the city center area.

What time is the departure and return of the daily dive boat?

Most of our trips are begin with the hotel transfer. Pickup time is from as early as 6:50 AM and to 7:40 AM. Depend upon your hotel location.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to participate in scuba diving and snorkeling activities?

You don't need to be an Olympic swimmer or to be extremely fit. To being certified as a scuba diver you must be comfortable in the water and be able to demonstrate a basic watermanship abilities. Snorkelers are provided with the lifejackets upon the request.

Can I do a diving theory lessons online?

You can learn the theory online and in your language. book your diving course online and we will provide the access to the e-learning materials.

How to book dive club activities?

Nha Trang Fun divers provide easy and seamless online and frontal booking experience. Check your trip via ntfundivers.com send us an email or social network inquiry or check in at our Nha Trang office.

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Nha Trang underwater photo gallery

Sea Cucumber

Stargazer fish

Clarkii clownfish

Sea anemone

Moray eel


Scuba Diving in Vietnam? Come and enjoy all that Nha Trang’s underwater world has to offer with Nha Trang Fun Divers. We teach Try Scuba Diving, Open Water Diver, Deep Diving, Navigation, NITROX, Advanced Adventurer and Stress and Rescue. All equipment are internationally recognized brands and professionally serviced. All trips include equipment rental, transfers, coffee, and lunch.
- Great Trip Advisor and Google reviews
- Lengthy dives
- Professional and Fun team
- International Dive Instructors
- Free Hotel transfers ( within Nha Trang city center)
- Online and Frontal bookings
- No extra credit card fees
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